Page 14, 30th March 2007

30th March 2007
Page 14
Page 14, 30th March 2007

The Weak Filling In A Balanchine Sandwich

Royal Ballet Triple Bill G eorge Balanchine continues to cast a shadow over all emerging talents long after his death in 1983. Alastair Marriott, a 39-year-old from Kent, is one......

Even Impressionists Liked To Draw

The Unknown Monet Pastels and Drawings A commonly held belief is that Impressionist painters worked spontaneously in front of the motif. As if to demonstrate this, there are two......

A Good Time For A Pinter

A rchie Rice, the lewd fifth-rate music hall artiste, was created by Laurence Olivier over 50 years ago and was a major turning point in the actor's career. John Osborne's play......