Page 5, 31st December 1965

31st December 1965
Page 5
Page 5, 31st December 1965

Top Selling Religious Books Of 1965

1: JOURNAL OF A SOUL, by Pope John XXM (Geoffrey Chapman). 2: A THOUSAND DAYS: a study of the Kennedy administration, by Arthur M. Schlesinger (Deutsch). 3: THE MAKING OF A......

Books Of The Year

L AST DECEMBER WHEN the "Catholic Herald" devoted a page to "Books of the Year", several readers wrote in to say that the choice of contributors was too limited to the ranks of......

Chad Varaii, Founder Of The Samaritans : The True Wilderness

by Harry Williarns (('onstable). The last kind of book I would normally read would be a volume of sermons, but nothing could be less sermonical than these. Warning: Do not read......