Page 7, 31st July 1981

31st July 1981
Page 7
Page 7, 31st July 1981

The Struggle To Free The Siberian Seven

A LITTLE over three years ago, two Siberian families, the Chmykhalovs and the Vashchenkos, went to the American embassy in Moscow to discuss their emigration case. They had......

The Priest Urchin Changes Course

Some dears ago Mario Borrelli became world famous for his work among the urchins of Naples. But now his career has changed. Desmond O'Grady reports. MARIO BORRELLI has taken a......

The Laugh-a-minute Life Of The North

NORTH of England Working Men's Clubs have been famous for more than a decade now as Star makers and star breakers more breakers than makers. I would say from all I hear. I could......