Page 6, 31st October 1969

31st October 1969
Page 6
Page 6, 31st October 1969

The Debt Long Owed To Forgotten Heroes

by Fr. J. F. McDONALD The Seminary Priests by Godfrey Anstruther O.P. (St. Edmund's College, Ware Ushaw College, Durham 60s.) C ATHOLICS in England are greatly indebted to the......

Unrebellious Controversy

by T. CORBISHLEY, S.J. The Catholic Case for Contraception ed. by Daniel Callahan (Arlington Books 50s.) I1HE title is, obviously, a challenging one and will inevitably cause a......

The Fair-minded Baldwin Scapegoat Of A Generation

by A. P. RYAN Baldwin by Keith Middlemas and John Barnes (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 105s.) BALDWIN was the scape goat of a generation suffering from the guilt complex of having......