Page 13, 31st October 2008

31st October 2008
Page 13
Page 13, 31st October 2008

In Recent Years China Has Moved Away From The Discredited

socialist dreams of Chairman Mao, says Jim Butler, and has embraced 'authoritarian capitalism' Mao's Shadow by Philip Pan, Picador £14.99 T here is a moving moment in Mao's......

John Hinton Looks At The London Club That Transformed Both

politics and British identity The Kit-Cat Club by Ophelia Field, Harper Press £25 hat could be more quintessentially English than good conversation, much of it controversial and......

Flesh And Skeleton

Architect and Engineer: A Study in Sibling Rivalry by Andrew Saint, Yale University Press £45 A ndrew Saint's 550page book is, surely, the best history to date of architect and......