Page 4, 3rd April 1936

3rd April 1936
Page 4
Page 4, 3rd April 1936

Books Of The Week

A New Novel by the Author of The Root and the Flower Strange Glory. By L. H. Myers. (Putnam. 7s. 6d.) Clansmen. By Ethel Boileau. (Hutchinson. 8s. 6d.) The Marchesa and Other......

Pages Of Honour

The Gay Cockerel. By Janet Duff. (Hutchinson. 7s. 6d.) Another first novel. It has all the freshness of first thingsand a few of their immaturities. The author, a person of......

The Enigmatic Queen

Queen Elizabeth and the English Catholic Historians. By Joseph B. Cody. (Universite de Louvain. 50 frs.) Reviewed by M. M. C. CALTHROP The Rev. Dr. Cody had a brilliant idea for......