Page 10, 3rd August 1979

3rd August 1979
Page 10
Page 10, 3rd August 1979

The Irish Church Triumphant

IT IS said that the young are impatient of the institutional Church. Those who seek try to find a short cut through or round it. In Ireland — and, watch it, it's all going to be......

No Wild Emotion At Knock, Just A Simple Intensity

I. rom page I life-sized statues in Curare marble. In the centre is that of our Lady with a great gold crown on its had standing between those of St Joseph and the St John, the......

Once More Unto The Breach — And A Parish Of 50,000

CAJAMARCA, cathedral city and site of the historic encounter between the Spanish conquistador Pizarro and the last independent Inca. Atahualpa, dozes quietly under an intense......