Page 8, 3rd December 1993

3rd December 1993
Page 8
Page 8, 3rd December 1993

Is It Time To Outlaw These Video Nasties?

In the aftermath of the conviction of two 11-year-old boys for the murder of toddler James Bulger, Catholic MP David Alton considers the rising influence of TV violence DURING......

York's Old-fashioned Virtues

Technical difficulties haunt Angus Macdonald as he meets Archbishop John Habgood ISASTER. THE journal !) ist's worst nightmare. My tape-recorder a wretched gadget I had bought......

Who'd Be A Pastor In The Harsh Reality Of Freedom?

Communism has gone, but Albanians are not finding the new dawn so bright. Archbishop Mirdita of Tirana tells Jonathan Luxmoore how the people expect too much from the Church MGR......