Page 5, 3rd July 1992

3rd July 1992
Page 5
Page 5, 3rd July 1992

Europe: Pro And Con

European Viewpoint Derek Enright, MP Hemswurth (Labour) WHERE is it now, the great revolution of Rerum Nnvarum? It's tucked up there in Maastricht weakly struggling to get out.......

Inspecting Over Subscribed Theology

Dr JC Jibbings proposes a new inspectorate of theology for Catholic schools THE case for the Catholic school is basically two-told. One part rests upon the teaching authority of......

Ramos And The Aquino Legacy

Judith Rice talks with Stephen Alston of CAFOD about the future of the Philippines now that Fidel Ramos is President IT TAKES a long time to count the votes in an election in......