Page 15, 3rd June 2011

3rd June 2011
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Page 15, 3rd June 2011

A Genius With An Ice-cold Contempt For Human Beings

Bismarck’s rise was driven by ruthless ambition and a dread of boredom, says John Hinton Bismarck JONATHAN STEINBERG OUP, £20 B ehind the magnetic charm of Otto von Bismarck was......

Painful Reading

This book tackles the abysmal situation in our classrooms with aplomb, says Jack Carrigan To Miss with Love BY KATHARINE BIRBALSINGH PENGUIN, £9.99 K atharine Birbalsingh, the......

Books In Brief

Popcorn by Garry Mulholland (Orion, £7.99) The rock and roll movie is a curious sub-genre growing up in tandem with the mass popularity of film in the 1950s and spreading the......