Page 12, 4th April 1980

4th April 1980
Page 12
Page 12, 4th April 1980

Collections That Find Pockets Of Resistance

THE other day we had a Secqpd Collection for Old and infirm priests or something like that. Although retirement is not a desirable state an d often has lethal results, it is......

Saints And Sinners From The Throne Of St Augustine

WE HAVE a new Archbishop of Canterbury and I suspect a very good and very sensible one. Inexplicably my Catholic reference books on the office stop dead with Cardinal Pole. He......

'we Have Lost This Delicious And Enhancing Habit'

1,Charterhouse. N Chronicle The boring British are out of step WHEN did you !eat walk decorously in procession? One of the most enchanting things is that a crowd can arrange......