Page 5, 4th November 1938

4th November 1938
Page 5
Page 5, 4th November 1938

The War-time Work Of Spanish Women

By Maria F. de Laguna CC ALANGE ESPANOLA TRADI F CIONALISTA," of which General Franco is the head (ever since his Unification Decree last year), is the one and only State Party......

The Sea Can Give A Living Far More Men

E KED to Iay down a scheme by which employment in the Fish ing Industry could be in creased, I was tempted to quote the old proverb, " Let fools step in where angels fear to......

12,000,000 Herrings Spell Ruin

Last Saturday they landed twelve million herrings at Yarmouth. Prices fell with a jolt. Lest supply should completely swamp demand the Area Committee forbade any of the 440......