Page 4, 4th October 1996

4th October 1996
Page 4
Page 4, 4th October 1996

Don't Suffocate Hope

ONCE AGAIN THE holiest of holy cities has been ravaged by bloodshed, grief and recrimination. After a nervous few months, the patience of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem......

Farewell And God Bless

EVEN AS I SIN, I confess. Forgive the impertinence of presuming to bid you farewell as I bid welcome to the new Editor of the Herald, Deborah Jones. The six months of my......

Is It The End Of The Affair?

IT WAS BOUND to come. The blaming of the women caught in Roddy Wright's clerical misconduct. Melanie McDonagh (Catholic Herald, 27 September) likens their position to the......