Page 8, 4th September 1992

4th September 1992
Page 8
Page 8, 4th September 1992

Cathedral Impressions

GALLERIES by Leigh Hatts THERE is a steady flow of visitors at the Royal Academy of Arts where the Sisley exhibition is the main attraction. This is the first major......

A Prophet On The Beat Broadcast News By Joanna Moorhead

REGRETS... most of us have a few. Except, it seems, Sir James Anderton, former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, profiled in My Way (BBC2, Tuesday). Tough decisions to......

A Message To Set The World Free

SCRIPTURE NOTEBOOK by Fr John Wijngaards Wisdom 9, 13-18h Philemon 9, 6-10 12-17 Luke 14, 25-33 PAUL'S letter to Philemon is the shortest book of Sacred Scripture, but it......