Page 6, 5th April 1940

5th April 1940
Page 6
Page 6, 5th April 1940

Dos E A Ntonio A Ntonio

Primo de Rivera by ELIZABETH de SCYTHE P ROBARIX . e.veryone who knows the name of Jose Antonio Primo de Rive.ra, famous son of a famous father, knows that it was he who founded......

Hugh Walpole Reveals Himself And Rome

Roman Fountain. By Hugh Walpole. (Macmillan, 8s. 6d.) Reviewed by MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE W E ktre apt to think that we ean judge the worth of a hook hy a Standard measure, but......

" Gni! Did Not Impress Me"

I Knew Stalin. By Anatole V. Baikaloff. iBurns Oates. 3s. 6r1-) Reviewed by 0. BENN1GSEN M R BAIKALOFF'S book is very valuable since it is the impartial testimony of a former......