Page 3, 5th December 1952

5th December 1952
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Page 3, 5th December 1952


at Play By Fr. BERNARD BASSET, S.J. TT was once the fashion for fana'tics to point to the Catholics in the Foreign Office as proof of a deep-laid Papal plot. A far more sinister......

Renaissance Hi Art

ITALIAN PAINTERS OF THE RENAISSANCE, by Bernard Berenson, with 400 illustrations (Phaidon, 30s.). By Iris Conlay A T any price a collection of 400 reproductions, planned to tell......

A Vision Of Edens

By G. K. * CHESTERTON * I S the stern old story shattered, Questioned, doubted, or denied, Of the world wherein our father Fell from innocence to pride? Is that wondrous antique......