Page 9, 5th December 1952

5th December 1952
Page 9
Page 9, 5th December 1952

Victoria's Ten Premiers !): Andrew

'UEEN VICTORIA AND HER PRIME MINISTERS, by Algernon Cecil (Eyre & Spotliswoode, 25s.). 11.1 his play "Back to Methuselah" 'George Bernard Shaw-muster ing more than his usual......

A King In Cartoons

THE SEVEN YEARS OF WILLIAM THE FOURTH, by J. M. Trevelyan, O.M. (Avalon Press & William Heinemann, 42s.). THIS hook is, in fact. a pictorial I history of the Sailor King's reign......

Man Of Matang

By Major Lewis Hastings A PATTERN OF ISLANDS, by Arthur Gamble (Murray, 1864. S IR ARTHUR GRIMBLE started his Colonial service career with a distaste for the Kiplingesque......