Page 14, 5th March 2010

5th March 2010
Page 14
Page 14, 5th March 2010

Souls Coaxed Out Of Wood And Stone

H enry Moore focuses on the human animal. Often monumental, his work contains a silent but assertive spirit which survives the violence of 20th-century upheavals. Returning from......

Director Dulls Irony Of Ibsen’s ‘loathsome’ Play

THEATRE REVIEW Ghosts DUCHESS THEATRE W hen Ibsen was writing Ghosts in 1881 he was aware that it would cause alarm in some circles. “If it didn’t,” he said, “there would have......

Beus Thrills With Power And Grace

Y ou don’t have to be a particularly dogged collector of musical information to know that this year’s list of anniversaries is led by Chopin and Schumann: both in bicentenary......