Page 6, 5th September 1947

5th September 1947
Page 6
Page 6, 5th September 1947

"in Heaven We Are All Poets" S"ci°'"

—Said Shakespeare By W. J. IGOE The lunatic, the lover rind the poet Are of imagination all compact: One sees more devils than vast hell can hold, Thar is, the madman; the......

.family Matters

II' Holidays for the mind w E are all inclined, after any kind Q f a holiday, to weigh up the pros and cons of town or country living—and happy are those who get back to the one......

Property Regained

Lost Property. By Paul Derrick. (Denis Dobson, 8s. 6d.) Reviewed by JOHN F. LEO BRAY MR. Derrick is concerned, as are all men of goodwill, about the " propertylcssness " of the......