Page 10, 6th August 1993

6th August 1993
Page 10
Page 10, 6th August 1993

Charterhouse Chronicle

Rumour of an impostor at the Vatican By PETER HEBBLETHWAITE You DON'T HAVE to believe me, but I tidied my desk the other day and came across some "unusual items." There was some......

Ronald Rolheiser

Dying in the bloom of life THE LAST COUPLE of years have not been particularly kind to my family_ Two years ago, a sister was lost to cancer. This spring, a brother-in law died......

Bored Stiff With Our Nation's State

By ALICE THOMAS ELLIS T edium vitae, accidie, ennui, or as we put it on our own part of contemporary Europe bored stiff: an unpleasant condition whether due to some disorder or......