Page 11, 7th December 1962

7th December 1962
Page 11
Page 11, 7th December 1962

Putting Up The Christmas Crib By Fr. Bernard Basset, S..1.

ON THE TIBER Scene: A room off the sacristy. Maria, Gondina and Gemma are .twisting wire, tearing paper, sewing frantically. Maria: Don Luigi wants us to black out all the......

Christmas Records . . S 1)y Marian Curd

THE SOUND OF LOURDES D O you know the sound of Lourdes? It is something, a bit intangible perhaps, which soaks into the mind of every pilgrim. Long after the home bound train......

Missal Minded?

M ISSALS? Should I? Aren't they going to change them all round at the Council? Well, some things may be changed, but they will probably be a long time coming. Meanwhile we......