Page 12, 7th October 1988

7th October 1988
Page 12
Page 12, 7th October 1988

Maths For The Devil, And Song For All

I AM ALWAYS surprised, and slightly irritated, when nonCatholic commentators viewing, say, the travails of the C of E, point to us Catholics as the model for the right approach......

Restless Hearts Yearn For God

WE ARE fired into life by a madness that comes from our incompleteness. We awake to life tense, aching, erotic, full of sex and restlessness. This dis-ease is, singularly, the......

Fast Postmen Save The Fast

Endpiece AMONG those praying hardest for an end to the recent postal strike were the fulsome fundraisers of CAFOD, who feared the temporary demise of the service would turn......