Page 5, 7th September 2001

7th September 2001
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Page 5, 7th September 2001

How God Can Give A Purpose, Even To Mnd

Dianne Pretty has Motor Neurone Disease. She dreads the future and wants the right to die. Pamela Vack also has MND. Nina Skinner found her facing the future with confidence and......

'at Last I Am Beginning To Feel Like A Workable

piece of clay in His hands.: D eterioration in my condition was obvious to anyone. My voice was becoming increasingly weaker ... day by day it was becoming more difficult to......

Terence Sheehy

Obituary GERARD NOEL T erence Sheehy who was editor of The Catholic Herald from 1983-1988 has died peacefully after a short illness. He was 83, having been born in London on May......