Page 7, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 7
Page 7, 8th July 1938

Civil Servants Who Meddle With

WAR Hyde Park Rhetoric In Print Is it possible that Civil Servants have too much time on their hands? In the June issue of Taxes, the journal of the Inland Revenue Staff......

"i Am Sadly Under "i Am Sadly Under Theoretical" I

TWENTY-FIVE X " It Is The Effect Of Being At Oxford" By G. E. M. ANSCOMBE 0 XFORD is so full of people who know what is going to happen to population and trade, and whether war......

Catholic Action College "not Wisely A Cultural Adjunct"

In a foreword to the booklet giving the curriculum of studies of the Liverpool Catholic Action College (the list of classes and lecturers was given in full in the North-Western......