Page 11, 8th October 1937

8th October 1937
Page 11
Page 11, 8th October 1937

Is Japan Lost To Civilisation?

A Plea For Understanding Her People [Father Leo Ward. a son of the late Wilfrid Ward, has been working for some years as a missionary in Tokyo whither he is returning after a......

Now She Works! A Miracle?

According to the Iforarlberger Yolksblau, a remarkable c4e has taken place in the abbey church of Mehrereau, in Austria. A young wornan, aged 30, who has for many years suffered......

Things I Badly Want To Say . •.

COMMUNISTS ARE NOT BORN, BUT MADE --BY HYPOCRITICAL CHRISTIANS" The dynamite of Christianity Can out-dynamite, The dynamite of Communism Easily. If only the Christians Had the......