Page 10, 9th March 2001

9th March 2001
Page 10
Page 10, 9th March 2001

:father David Mcgough

The Word this week The Second Sunday of Lent -Gen 15: 5-12 & 17-18; Philippians 3:174:1; Luke 9: 28-36 4 T iii: LORD Jesus Christ will trans figure these figure these wretched......


queries Father Richard Barrett answers readers' questions I was somewhat surprised to watch the President of the Irish Republic give a theology lesson to Irish clergy recently.......

: Bishops' Diaries

March 11 to March 17 Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun: M, Irish Assoeia' tions, Cathedral. Noon. MAIII! Interviews & Engagements, Archhp's Else. Tuc: V. _Cardinal......