Page 12, 9th March 2007

9th March 2007
Page 12
Page 12, 9th March 2007

Bringing Sensuality To Garden Flowers

Renoir Landscapes A n exhibition devoted to an Impressionist artist is a welcome antidote to the fag end of winter. Renoir Landscapes 1865-1883 is timed to perfection as......

Cgi Spoils The Magic Show

The Illusionist PG CERT, 110 MINS A side from his stick-on, strong-man moustache, there is something particularly dislikeable about Rufus Sewell's Prince Leopold in Neil......

Beautiful Nonsense

THEATRE REVIEW Equus GIELGUD THEATRE T here were two major topics of conversation at the interval of Equus. Many in the audience undoubtedly discussed the play's combination of......