Page 13, 9th November 2007

9th November 2007
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Page 13, 9th November 2007

A Study Of Jesuit Life As Torture

FILM REVIEW In Memory of Me U CERT, 115 MINS O n an autumn day set in the present time a young man, Andrea (Christo Jivkov), arrives at a Jesuit noviciate to begin training for......

Beating Pessimism

with portraiture Pop Art Portraits NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY, UNTIL JAN 20 T he Second World War ended well for America. Britain, however, was left bankrupt. By 1954, when......

Slick Satire Falls Apart

YOUNG VIC M ore than six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. Peter Weiss's documentary play is based on the testimonies of victims from Auschwitz. The accused pretend......