Page 3, 9th September 1949

9th September 1949
Page 3
Page 3, 9th September 1949

Under Saint Peter's

What Is Certain About The Excavations —And One Or Two Guesses by L. G. W ALMSLEY Romm. ON August 23 an otherwise responsible American daily newspaper produced a Monday Morning......

Carol Reed Saves The Day

W ITII the year well on the turn and not a solitary film of outstanding merit to brighten the way of the critic. Carol Reed, in his adaptation of Graham Greene's short story The......

Elwood's Guardian Angel

A GREAT clown has come to London, Mr, Joe E. Brown, who is now playing Elwood P. Dowd in Miss Mary Chase's Harvey (PgiNcE OF WALES) is the nearest thing to an articulate Grock......