Page 5, 9th September 2011

9th September 2011
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Page 5, 9th September 2011

Turkey To Return Seized Christian Properties

Nuncio calls decision to hand back hundreds of Jewish and Christian buildings ‘historic’ BY CINDY WOODEN THE APOSTOLIC NUNCIO to Turkey has praised the country’s decision to......

Lawyers: Us Health Plan Is An Attack On Religious Liberty

BY NANCY FRAZIER O ʼ BRIEN A US GOVERNMENT mandate that all health insurance plans must cover free contraceptives and sterilisation “represents an unprecedented attack on......

Mafia Shoot At Car Of Priest ‘to Show Who Is In Charge’

BY CINDY WOODEN A SOUTHERN Italian priest who has spoken out against the Mafia has said gunshots fired at his car were meant to show him and the public that members of organised......